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Análisis de seguridad en la nube pública

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Análitica de seguridad en la nube

Transformación de registros en lógica de seguridad

• Cloud Security Monitoring and Protection
• Simplified Network Traffic Visualization
• Automation and SIEM Integration
• Comprehensive security intelligence

Advanced Threat

Detect anomalies, alert and quarantine threats, while utilizing cloud security analytics and the world’s largest threat intelligence feed and encryption.

Unparalleled Data

Real-time cloud security monitoring and protection, troubleshooting and security posture awareness for ephemeral assets from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Azure.

Cloud Security

Cloud security intelligence and security analytics, delivering enhanced cloud security processes and decisions with contextualized visualization, intuitive querying, intrusion alerts, and notifications of policy violations.

Protection from Public Cloud Threats

Detect threats and anomalies with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Alert and Quarantine Public Cloud Threats, and cloud security analytics.

  • Real-time intrusion detection and policy violation alerts based on user-defined criteria
  • Comprehensive investigation of security threats with cloud network security analytics, streaming the world’s largest security intelligence database, ThreatCloud.
  • Continuous extended disaster recovery with CloudBots and advanced encryption
  • Agentless using cloud native API

Enhanced Cloud Security forensics and incident report with Big Data Security Solutions

CloudGuard Log.ic ingests cloud native log and event data, delivering contextualized visualization of entire public cloud infrastructure and cloud security analytics, helping to enhance:

  • Incident Response (Cloud Forensics): Alerts on network activity and account behaviors
  • Network Troubleshooting: Real-time configuration and traffic monitoring in the VPC and VNET, including ephemeral services and cloud-native platform components from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Compliance: Instant notifications on regulatory violations and ace audits
  • Threat Hunting Processes: Leverage security intelligence and predictive cloud security analytics to advancing cybersecurity threat hunting processes.

Superior Automation and SIEM Integration

Advanced cloud security monitoring automation and Event Management (SIEM), for critical insights and integration of cybersecurity tools, and robust and seamless defense.

  • Precise and smooth integration with third party SIEM solutions
  • Comprehensive visibility of contextualized logs into ephemeral assets and security posture awareness
  • CloudGuard Log.ic firehose connection feeding critical insights to SIEM solutions for further investigation.


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